unit 4 review

Unit IV Article Review
Student will select an article from a peer-reviewed, scholarly article that discusses the legal aspects of education of
students in an emergency medical program. Use the databases within the CSU Online Library or another source that
contains peer-reviewed, scholarly articles. The purpose of this activity is for you to practice reviewing articles that
contribute to the industry. The authors of these articles are researchers and professionals that have shared or
experimented with ideas that demonstrate potential to improve the industry. As a professional in the industry, it is in your
best interest to review the literature and trends within it. Doing so provides you with the opportunity to read about what
has been successful and how. Plus, it allows you to analyze the ideas that were unsuccessful, how you can improve
them, or at least avoid repeating the mistakes of others. Use these skills to contribute to research papers and other
scholarly writing in the future.
As you read the article, consider the following questions: How could the topic of this article apply to your personal or
professional life? How could it apply to an organization you have observed?
Use the following guidelines to select an article:
? Articles are from reliable sources/journals
? They are related to the legal aspects of educating students in an emergency medical program.
? They are not older than five years.
? Articles should be at least ten pages.
Use the following guidelines to prepare your article review:
? Your article review should be at least two pages.
? It should identify the main topic/question.
? It should identify the author’s intended audience.
? It should include a one page summary of the article.
? Think critically about the article, and discuss how it applies to this course for page two.
Format your article review using APA Style. Use your own words and include citations for other articles as needed to
avoid plagiarism.

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