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The goal

The goal of this assignment is for your to begin building an essay that demonstrates your ability to do the research, thinking, and writing necessary to make a credible and compelling argument. Pick ONE of the two topics that you researched in your exploratory essay.

  • Write an approximately 1000 word of your researched/informed argument essay about your chosen topic. For the essay you will need FOUR things
  • A thesis statement: Claim plus reasons. Here is an example using the “They say/ I say” approach. Ex: Although many people might think that the subject of robot sex is silly, I believe that we need to begin a national discussion about this topic because sex with mechanical humanoids is already possible and, in the years ahead, sex with robots will have huge implications for how we arrange our human relationships.
  • An introductory paragraph that clearly identifies the topic. Here is an example showing the writer’s investment and the limits of her inquiry; she doesn’t include definitions but you may want to. EX: I am concerned about police brutality in Miami Florida over the last 20 years because I know so many young men who claim to have been threatened or even roughed up by police who explain their behavior by saying that they are keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe.
  • Two or three “body” paragraphs that let you the writer and your peer readers think about your essay’s organization. The A&B textbook provides several example classical argument essays. Megan Mackenzie’s essay “Let Women Fight” is divided into sections with section headings (335-341). Read through her essay, reading only the first sentence of paragraph and the section headings. Can you see what I mean by organization?
  • A few sentences about your research gaps, if any. Do you need to do more research? What seems to be missing? What is your research plan? If you feel you’ve done enough research, then write that.
  • Guidlines:
  • Summarizing and responding to other people’s ideas
  • Introducing sources and incorporating quotes
  • Designing search for sources that leads to reliable and relevant information
  • Citing your sources inside your essay and at the end . And thinking about your own informed opinion.I want you to add one more set of skills to this list: organizing your ideas into an informed essay. To do this you’ll need to think aboutWhat information belongs in the introductionWhat belongs in the conclusionHow topic sentences help the reader to know what to expect in the paragraphHow transitions guide readers

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