Active listening

The module readings discuss strategies for listening, responding and asking follow-up questions in a way that helps the client work toward identifying strategies that would help solve his or her own issue. Once you have read the weekly material listed on the Module’s Lesson page, I would like you to practice some of these skills by working through a scenario of a person in need of guidance. For this discussion, you will need to post your initial thread before you will be able to see the posts of other students. This discussion is worth 5 points.

The following assignment focuses on active listening skills. It asks for your responses to a script. Because I do not want you influenced by other students’ responses before you post your own, you will not be able to see anyone else’s responses until you post your first. Read the script and the questions listed.

Your neighbor stops by your house while you are working in your garage. Her body language and the tone of her voice show she is stressed, frustrated, and even a little fearful. She has been dating a guy on parole and they argue a lot. She just abruptly interrupts your work and says, “This relationship is turning out to be a mess. Why can’t I have a relationship with a guy who treats me nice? I don’t know what to do. I need to leave this guy but I am stuck in a lease and have no money to get out.’

  • What are some empathetic responses you could provide?
  • Ask at least one question that would seek clarification of something in the statement.
  • What are some open-ended follow-up questions you could ask?

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