Anthropomorphism of Animals


Write a paper (700-1000 words) that explores the anthropomorphism of animals in the two beverage commercials below. Explore any central thesis that you would like, but address the use of the animals and how the ads anthropomorphize them within your response. Additional things to consider: what audience is being targeted for each ad? Males? Female? Adults? Children? Who would be consuming these beverages? How do these commercials differ from what you would expect to see in American television for similar products? You can compare and contrast the two ads, select a common theme to discuss, contrast these ads to American ads, explore the sexualization of animals, etc. – it’s all fair game.

Please watch the following commercial marketing the drink, Orangina (a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage – like Fanta), in France:

Please watch the following commercial marketing the drink, Cascade Beer (alcoholic beverage – like Budweiser), in Australia.

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