Capstone Milestone

Hello, This is a milestone for my Capstone – only experts need to bid.

this is the fifth milestone – Attached are the previous work — i have not been sucesful with this professor – best grade was received in milestone 3.

attached is what is expected to complete milestone 5 –

also below is pointers the professor has added

A word about the Milestone Four assignment. Although it was not reasonable for you to generate drill down financial details for your plan, it was necessary to demonstrate that you had the blocking and tackling down. Presenting and demonstrating an understanding of simple assumptions for your revenue stream, rudimentary financial statements (for your project, not just copying your company’s SEC reports), and a break even discounted cash flow was required. Having a solid audio/visual presentation will entail improvement in these areas as funding sources won’t be comfortable if you don’t understand cash flow, for example.

project is regarding Ford Motors

  • Analyze any cross-cultural, economic, and geopolitical factors that may impact the business environment and concept
  • Develop your assumptions and a contingency plan for your project
  • Justify your assumptions and contingency plan for your project
  • Assess your project for operation in a legally and ethically compliant environment

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