Chapter 6 additional question

Chapter 6: Gallup pollsPlease review the polls posted in the module on ONE of the posted topics (abortion, immigration, guns) and answer the following questions. You must include specific references (questions/data) to the polls. Make sure you are not just using the charts at the top. Review ALL of the polls.1. What topic did you choose?2. Based on the polls, can you make a general statement on the attitudes of Americans on this issue? (Consensus, divided opinion, etc…) Explain. Where do people agree/disagree? Consider that different polls/questions may reveal important differences.3. Discuss change over time. Do you see any significant changes over time? What do you think the significance of these changes are? Explain in 1-2 well-developed paragraphs with clear reference to information in the polls. (Include some specific numbers.)4. How divided are Americans on this topic? Discuss the results of at least two polls to answer this question. 5. Consider at least one of the more detailed questions (not just charts). Do different questions reveal different results or provide additional information? Discuss in a short paragraph with clear examples. 6. Consider, if you were a national politician, how might you find these polls useful? Make sure you use the polls and are as specific as possible. (at least 1 well-developed paragraph)

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