High-Level Design and Plan for a Technology-Enabled Learning Solution

Use the template below to complete your design and design plan. Based on the work throughout this class and attached resources to help you complete the template.

The design document should include the following sections, which are described in the template:

  1. Title
  2. Problem or Opportunity Statement
  3. Goals
  4. Audience or Users
  5. Value
  6. Stakeholders
  7. Solution Objectives
  8. Relevant Psychological Theories
  9. Delivery Technology
  10. Design Technology
  11. Buy vs. Design Recommendation
  12. Assessment Plan
  13. Project Evaluation Plan
  14. Design Architecture or Approach
  15. List of References

Do not provide a paper. Just complete the template. Keep each section very short and focused. This assignment is to complete a plan not a paper. The limits are defined for each section of the template. Include references and citations where appropriate.

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