How can you incorporate differentiation strategies within a classroom?

The Golden Rule and many biblical precepts mandate that we must work hard, make good choices, treat others nicely and with respect, and learn something new every day. Robert Fulghum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten states simply, “Share everything. Play fair.’’ The Bible, in Luke 6:31, tells us, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In elementary school settings, educators are often required to teach students to work collaboratively, to play fair, and to share. You have an enormous opportunity to exemplify the character of Christ in every action, word, and deed, as you teach and minister to these highly impressionable young people.

The reading in the Kellough & Jarolimek text this module/week discusses planning and managing the classroom learning environment. Parker shares that educators must also learn how to work and how to share. Based on your readings, please include the following information in your discussion thread:

  • Share how you incorporated differentiation strategies in your lessons, and how you determined how to accommodate learner needs in your classroom environment. Think about the actual learning environment, how it affects students, and what you can do to alter the environment to best meet students’ needs.
  • How will you assess students’ learning styles?
  • How will you accommodate all of your students, and what adaptations will have to be made in your classroom, your teaching, and your assessment?
  • How will you differentiate process, product, content, and environment?
  • Share your collaborative resources, and explain how you feel these resources contribute to your Integrated Unit Plan, as well as how they will help you find success in your classroom and teaching.

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