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1 point : Overview: What is the importance of the research? Why would a reader be interested in this study?

1 point : Problem: What problem does this work attempt to solve? What is the scope of the project? What is the main argument/thesis/claim?

1 point : Methodology: What approach was used in the study, was it an experiment, a literature review, an observational study? Try and describe the types of evidence used in the research.

1 point : Results: Indicate specific results of the study, or discuss the findings in a more general way.

1 point : Implications: What changes should be implemented as a result of the findings of the work? How does this work add to the body of knowledge on the topic?

If the abstract is late you will only receive a maximum of 1 point.

All abstracts include:

A full citation of the source, preceding the abstract.

The most important information first.

The same type and style of language found in the original, including technical language.

Keywords and phrases that quickly identify the content and focus of the work.

Clear, concise, and powerful language.

please let me know if there is anything you need as well in add the sample and the article that you have to work on It.

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