Judaism and Roman Empire on the life of Jesus, writing homework help

From Jesus to Christ, Part 1

The film examines the influence of Judaism and Roman Empire on the life of Jesus. Take notes about things that interest you and questions you have as you watch. The format of your notes does not matter, be sure to have both issues of interest to you and two questions that you would like to me/us to address. Be ready to ask the questions in class. Please submit your work on Canvas (1-2 pages double spaced).

WEBSITE LINK http://0-fod.infobase.com.ignacio.usfca.edu/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=44267&tScript=0

The day when the assigned work is watching a film and writing a reflection paper, please do not come to class. This is meant to give you time to do the work amidst your busy schedule. Prepare to ask the two questions (included in your paper) arising from your watching of the film during class discussion of the film. Choose any format that is comfortable for you in writing the reflection paper.

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