Milwaukee Baseball Stadium

You will write 12-15 pages research paper on Milwaukee Baseball Stadium. The main point of the paper is researching the politics and economics of Miller Park. How was this stadium funded? What was the political process by which this money was acquired? Has the stadium been a financial success or unadulterated disaster? It’s these kinds of questions that you must focus on going forward with this project!

I already have all the research for you to use. I will attached all files and articles for you to look at. You will have to follow the instructions I provide below and write 12-15 pages. Please follow instructions:

(A considerable amount of the material you
read in this class deals with the theoretical advantages and disadvantages of
publicly-funded stadium projects, with some brief case study examples thrown in
for illustration. This assignment is a chance for you to study one particular
city’s experiences with this process in greater detail. You will choose one
city and stadium (sport) from a list of places (see page 3 below) that have
engaged in one of these projects for a professional sports team during the past
few decades. Your task will then be to write a twelve to fifteen-page (double-spaced)
research paper that consists of the following information and narrative.

A one-page, single-spaced, executive summary (extended abstract) describing the
major findings of your research. As a general rule, an executive summary should
consist of several original paragraphs that inform its reader of the most
important information that its author discovered in composing her work without
repeating anything from her research paper (or progress report, see below)

A brief (one-page) overview of the history of stadium-building in your city
prior to the 1990s.

A description of the local growth coalition members (e.g., team and league
representatives, regional political and economic elites, public opinion
leaders, media personalities, community activists) involved in the negotiations
and controversies that led up to the decision to build the project in question.

The major arguments and evidence cited by each actor in favor of, or in
opposition to, granting the subsidy to construct the stadium or arena.

The political process that was employed to adopt the stadium-building plan.

The sources of the money used to fund any subsidies for the project, as well as
any other relevant financial or commercial details of the plan that was
eventually approved.

An evaluative or speculative conclusion concerning whether the city has reaped,
or will soon reap, sufficient financial or image benefits to justify the costs
of the stadium-building project.

research paper is NOT a quantitative cost-benefit analysis; the narrative
concerning the politics of your project should take precedence in your report
over describing its economics. However, you should be familiar with the
concepts behind, and politics of, cost-benefit analysis as described in the
relevant chapter of Mintrom. This paper will require a considerable amount of
outside research; perusing the team’s and league’s web sites for information
about your stadium, and consulting the local newspaper’s archives. Although
there is no absolute minimum number of sources that is required for this
assignment, your instructor believes that it cannot be completed using fewer
than eight to ten high-quality sources of information. The quality of your
research materials counts as much as their quantity; online encyclopedia
entries (like those on or and non-professionally edited
material (like from Wikipedia or Ballparks of Baseball) are NEVER acceptable
sources for an academic paper!

Sources for this paper:

Please Also use all attached documents.

Please cite them in APA format.……;view=reslist;subview=standard;didno=uw-whs-milw0053;focusrgn=bioghist;cc=wiarchives;byte=135754977

Home of the Braves : the battle for baseball in Milwaukee (BOOK)

Down in the valley : the history of Milwaukee County Stadium : the people, the promise, the passion (BOOK)

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