Principles of Organization management

Prepare a report about a company based in oman named HAYA. You can either select a department in the organization or look at the organization as a whole. Prepare a report that covers the following areas:

*** Introduction ***

1. Motivation:

a. How are the employees motivated to perform better?

b. Which motivational approaches are used?

c. Which of the used motivational approaches are most effective and why?

2. Leadership:

a. What leadership style is used by the manager?

b. Is the used leadership style effective for the department to perform its functions and why?

3. Change Management:

a. What kinds of changes are happening within the organization and its environment?

b. How are such changes managed?

*** Conclusion. ***

*** minimum 2000 words.

*** report should have introduction, discussion, conclusion, list of references.

*** In-text citations and references using CU Harvard style.

*** Company website:…

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