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1) Using an example (find in the literature or life) evaluate if design thinking system theories were applied and the outcomes.

Example :

Design thinking has its history in physical and artistic design. When thinking about design thinking the creation or recreation of a logo that represents an idea or a business would be an area where design it would have a real serious impact. It looks at the current circumstances of a physical object and imagines a more relevant structure to represent the ideas that it represents. But this circumstance has changed recently.

Design theory has gone into the realm of business strategy and even further into less tangible problems like human emotion and experience (Johansson-Sköldberg, U., Woodilla, J., & Çetinkaya, M. 2013) We can redesign things in the mental world. This may seem apparent to us now but that is because we live in a different world than people did when design theory was first imagined

Now with things like the internet, we have a larger scope of what can be ‘redesigned’ in our world. We can redesign a teaching curriculum or we can even completely redesign the way school is operated. The world was more static before in our perceptions. Design thinking has us imagining more about how the world can improve. Design thinking could be thought of as constant creative redesigning to always be responding to an ever-changing world.

A great example that I found where design thinking changed the circumstances of physically and emotionally injured people was in the US Department of Veterans Affairs Center. Here, experts in the field of innovation working for the VA hospitals were trying to improve the interactions that veterans were having. In order to make a better experience for the veterans they use what was called a customer journey map. It is considered a ‘design artifact’ which could be explained more simply as a tool which is used to measure data and create an opportunity to make new outcomes.

This map followed the emotional high and lows that veterans experienced when they were interacting with the VA. By tracking experiences based on emotion they were able to couple these emotional feelings with the specific experience they were having with the VA and begin to qualify the aspects of the VA experience in a way that was meaningful for the clients they were serving.(Kolko, J. 2015)


Johansson-Sköldberg, U., Woodilla, J., & Çetinkaya, M. (2013). Design thinking: past, present and possible futures. Creativity and Innovation Management, 22(2), 121-146.
Kolko, J. (2015) Design Thinking Comes of Age. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/2015/09/design-thinking-comes-of-a…

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