Special Topics Final Project

Please cover every detail within the power point.

please do the right amount of slides 15 -20 slides excluding title page and reference page

Select a subtopic (hypoactive desire disorder, sexuality and aging, healthy sexual functioning, effective sexual communication, and relational satisfaction.) PICK ONLY ONE TOPIC

Select a specific population relating to the selected subtopic. (Examples include hypoactive desire disorder in gay men, sex in post-menopausal women, and healthy sexuality for adolescents.

Option 1:

Create a descriptive, fictional case study relating to the selected subtopic and population (for example, in Week 4)

Create a 15- to 20-slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes that includes the following:

  • The case study from above
  • A concise description of your subtopic, as well as why this issue is relevant to the study of sex therapy
  • Presenting problems and what, if any, diagnosis might be relevant
  • A description of the client (If applicable, include the length of the relationship, ethnicity, children, previous marriages, age, and pertinent biographical information.)
  • A brief description of the clinical theory you would use in working with the population chosen: This also includes your treatment plan and interventions based on your chosen theory.
  • Ethical issues or issues of diversity or cultural difference that would need to be addressed
  • Video clips relating to the selected subtopic (Total videos should not be more than 5–8 minutes of the overall presentation. Clips can be from movies, TV shows, YouTube, TED talks, and so on.)

Please add color to the power point

apa style

refrence page

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