Two Frame Tales: The Decameron and 1001 Nights

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Question 1 – 1001 Nights: Oral literature is often didactic, or teaching in nature. It tries to tell a group of people how they should behave or how their society should be run. Frame tales use a frame to group tales together. Sometimes those tales (especially those that developed from an oral tradition) send messages to the audience. In examining The Thousand and One Nights, what messages are being sent to its readers? Are the messages focused on any particular group of people, or are they general? Use examples from the text to support your ideas.

Question 2 – The Decameron: The Decameron is set in one of the most horrific of times in Italy’s history – the time when the Plague was decimating the population of Europe. It is not surprising, then, that many of its stories discuss some aspect of love, from bawdy to sacred. For example, the tale of Alibech and Rustico (Third Day, Tenth Tale) discusses the love of God as well as lust, while the Fourth Day, First Tale story of Ghismonda and Guiscardo describes the fallout of several types of love. Discuss the different types of love presented in these two stories, their fallout, and what lessons you think are being taught. Remember to include textual evidence as support!

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