1.2 Written Assignment: Understanding Diversity in the Classroom

1.2 Written Assignment: Understanding Diversity in the Classroom:

For this assignment, you will be asked to write an essay (2-3 pages), regarding your understanding the importance of diversity in the classroom. First read chapter 6 in Taylor & Whittaker and the case study of Jim Peterson on p. 109. Refer to concepts examined in this chapter to address how diversity relates to you personally and how it will affect your teaching practice.

In order to write this, consider and respond to the following questions:

  1. Describe a situation in your life in which you have personally experienced the notion of diversity, racism or white identity.
  2. What is your concept of a diverse classroom? Describe it.
  3. Comment on the position Jim Peterson found himself in. Why is important for you as a teacher to address diversity in the classroom?

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