4 Essay Discussion Questions

  1. The essays should address every aspect of the question, be at least 250 words and be single-spaced except in between terms.
  2. In the exam Word document, provide answers and highlight them to distinguish them from the essays.
  3. Your work should single-spaced (except in between essays) and at least 250 words for each. If you can answer these well, you will have a basic grasp of some of the key developments and themes in the history of Western culture up to around 1550 AD.
  4. Here are the 4 questions to answer:
    1. Mesopotamia and Egypt were two foundational civilizations. What were some of the earliest contributions that they made that served as basic components of later civilizations? Also, what were fundamental differences between Mesopotamian and Egyptian culture?
    2. The Middle Ages has been called the “Age of Faith.” What evidence from the humanities (art, architecture, literature, philosophy, and music) demonstrates that the Middle Ages were a Christian culture? Provide examples for each.
    3. The Renaissance was considered to be the “rebirth” of European civilization. What were the causes of this Renaissance and what became the fundamental mindset or philosophy that represented it? How was this rebirth represented in the humanities? Provide examples for each.
    4. Science and technology played a significant part in the development of Western civilization. Trace the role of science and technology from the Mesopotamians to the Renaissance and explain how these ideas, inventions, or discoveries influenced European civilization.
  5. Use Experience Humanities, 8th edition, ISBN 9780077494704

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