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– Write a four-paragraph essay(two pages with introduction, two body paragraphs and conclusion) comparing and contrasting Chavez(593-595) with Will(598-600) regarding their topic about the native-born children of illegal or undocumented immigrants receiving citizenship.

– You can agree and/or disagree with one or both of the authors.

– I need the transition words like in comparison, in the same way, although, in contrast, unlike, instead, etc.

– Please using Subject-by-Subject comparison structure, which means two body paragraphs, one is talking about Chavez’s essay, the other is talking about Will’s essay.

– First paragraph need thesis statement in the last sentence.

– In conclusion, you again restate your thesis, but you can also add suggestions or solutions to the dilemma.

– Need at least two cited quotes per author ( four total) and highlight them.

– Need two concrete, specific personal experience/observation examples, filled with the 5W’s and personal quote, or interview about a person’s opinion about the 14th amendment.

– Need a detailed outline.

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