Digital Arts Project

Project: Action Research Contemporary Digital Artists

Outcome: Prepare short media piece about the selected artist (individual, not group)

In this assignment you will conduct action research on your selected artist and prepare a short video blog about the artist.

Students (assigned randomly) will be assigned to explore a specific artist. All students will explore selected artists. Students will be exposed to two artists in their research. Related artists can be included if relevant to selected artists

It is important to go beyond your first Internet search and dig deeper in related references and searches. Search early research hits to find key organizations, galleries, institutions, publications and other artists to explore.

The video blog/media piece should include

Basic information about the artist such as school, when they practiced and background

  • Artistic and technical influences
  • Images or media of their work
  • Narrated motion or visual essay
  • Sources cited
  • Related URLÂ’s to learn more

Artist: Paul Chan

Target Information: video, animation, sound

Prepare a 3-4 paragraph journal entry on your selected artist. Use this journal as initial research for a video/media blog you will prepare and submit in week 6.

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