Discuss the Difference Between Two Communities

2 week 1

There are
many differences between community-oriented policing and police-community
relations.  Community-oriented policing is a philosophy that combines aspects
of traditional law enforcement with preventative measures and community
partnerships.  It also focuses mostly on building ties with the police and
with the members of the community.  Police-community relations is when the
communities count on the department to protect ans serve the community while
the police rely on the community to cooperate with them.  I believe that
if there is a poor policy-community relationship then there are many problems
so I think that having this kind of relationship is very important.
  I believe that police-community relations
interactions and associations with community-oriented policing is a good way to
gain trust between the officers and the community.  When the communities
get the better relationship with the patrolling officers they should able to
feel safer in the community because the officers learn the area and know what
to expect.  When there is things out of the ordinary, the police already
know and they are prepared for these situations.  I just believe that
these relationships between officers and these communities help with possibly
keeping the crime rate lower than normal.
  There were many changes in the whole philosophy
over time.  Changes in communities I believe was one of the biggest
reasons that these things have all changed over the past.  Society has
changed so much that it actually comes to a point that we do not know who we
can even trust anymore.  I would even understand why police would not even
want to try having relationships with communities anymore because of how fake
people can be now days.  

Oliver, W. (2008). Community Oriented Policing A Sytematic Approach To
Policing. New Jersey: Pearson Education Company.

discussion was

Relations vs. Community-Oriented Policing

In reviewing the text, thoroughly explain the differences between community-oriented
and police-community relations. How do police-community
relations interact or associate with community-oriented policing? How did the
philosophical or theoretical changes happen over time? You   Just
need to tell the good and bad of post list references thanks

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