Drama Essay

I need someone who has experience in writing Literary pieces, drama and theatre in particular.This is a 2000 words max Essay focusing on one of the two questions below. Both questions focus on only one play, ‘Dutchman’ by Amiri Baraka.

Choose one:

  • To what extent does Dutchman present ‘race’ as a factor impacting on the ‘American Dream’?
  • How does the dramatic form of Dutchman contribute to the play’s communication of a political message?

Please Note:

– 2000 words maximum (10% above or under is fine)

– MHRA Reference (Footnotes and Bibliography). This is very important!

-Include at least 3-4 references (at least one from the play script)

-Deadline is 2nd of May 2018 (9:00AM) UK time (12 hours from now)

What to expect:

1: Demonstrate understanding of the content of a range of key dramatic texts through critical or creative interpretation

2: Demonstrate understanding of the basic elements of dramatic form through critical or creative interpretation

3: Demonstrate a basic awareness of the periods and categories into which drama is conventionally divided

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