Emotional Intelligence Assignment

  1. Answers must be 100 words apa format and cite sources. do not use any other sources other than the ones provided.

Video – “Daniel Goleman – Working with Emotional Intelligence” Youtube

Article – “A Jump Towards Emotional Intelligence

  1. Do you believe that skills related to emotional intelligence are more important than technical skills in hiring decisions? Why or Why not
  2. According to the video, IQ scores are trending up and “EQ” or emotional intelligence scores are trending down. Dr. Goleman believes it is because parents do not have time to teach their kids EI. Do you agree or disagree? Should we be concerned for our future leaders?
  3. Daniel Goleman states it is important for an organization to have a culture of emotional intelligence. How can a HR professional infuse this characteristic into the hiring process?
  4. Explain a time in the workplace where you had to make an emotional decision versus a rational one and what would have been the difference if you chose the rational decision?

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