Hawaii’s Last Queen Video questions (4)

Go to the following website by clicking on the link below and watch the video, Hawaii’s Last Queen. Then answer the questions on the attached document.

(Video can also be found at the Loussac and Muldoon branches of the Anchorage Public Library – DVD996.902092.)


1.How are missionaries portrayed in this video?Did this portrayal surprise you?Why or why not?

2.How did Americans gain political and economic power in Hawaii?Do you see similarities or differences in the experiences of Hawaiians and Native Americans in the 1800s?

3.Who or what influenced changes in Hawaiian culture?How were Lili’Uokalani’s identity and values influenced by Hawaiian and American cultures?(How has your own identity, values, or daily life been influenced by different cultures?)

4.What factors inspire nationalism?When is it beneficial?When is it dangerous? How did it influence Hawaiians and Americans in the video?

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