On Functional Strategy – Pertaining to your CEO Project Company, business and finance homework help

1. On Functional Strategy – Pertaining to your CEO Project Company(Apple)

a. Among the various functional divisions of the firm, identify the most burning issue whereby your
functional strategy (marketing, financial, operational, etc.) impacts the overall corporate AND business
strategies. Explain in detail.

i. More directly, select from two functional areas and discuss the following:
1. Identify the function’s essential goal for 2017
2. What resources must be employed to effectively realize this goal
3. What measures will indicate whether your functional strategy has produced the
required results

2. On Strategy Implementation –

a. Second, identify and discuss the important components of your strategy’s implementation – mainlythe
who, what, how:

i. Who are the central players/managers who will carry out your strategic recommendations?

ii. What must be done – describe the program that is (or needs to be) in place to carry out your
strategic recommendations?
iii. How will everyone work together – what organizational structure will work best and why?

2000 words minimum. 7 sources. no plagiarism

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