Unit 9 Building Assignment

Assignment: Sampling and Coupons at the Store

In this Assignment, you will write a business memo to report back to your boss (Mr. Donaldson, Marketing Director) what you found when sampling the competition’s product. You will go to a local supermarket or grocery store and take part in sampling a product. You will also see what coupons are available in the aisles for products or through flyers in the store.

In a 2-page business memo using APA formatting and citation style, make sure you use correct Standard American English grammar and spelling and that your presentation is original, logical, insightful, and well-organized.


  • State the purpose of the sampling.
  • Explain how the sampling of the product as well as the coupons in the aisle impacted your desire to buy the products being offered.
  • Discuss the types of coupons offered as well as how it was offered.
  • Describe the way the sample was offered to the public.
  • Explain whether you purchased the product due to the coupon or sample and why.
  • Finally state your evaluation of the product¬ís promotion through sampling and coupons.

Access the grading rubric.

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